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Pavarotti declares Spa Village open

From left: Forbes, Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay, Pavarotti, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, and Dato' Mark Yeoh
Pangkor Laut, 6 September 2002

When Luciano Pavarotti came to Pangkor Laut Resort for the first time in 1994, he declared the island a paradise and described the place with a song, ‘O Paradiso’. “Now, it is even better,” he enthused during a press conference held in conjunction with the inaugural Asian Global Leadership Forum at the idyllic resort this weekend.

Earlier, YTL Hotels president Dato’ Mark Yeoh introduced the newest development on the island resort, the Spa Village – which Pavarotti then officially declared open by unveiling the plaque of the exotic spa retreat. He later said, “This spa is a miracle.”

Also at the press conference with Pavarotti and YTL managing director Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, were ASLI president Mirzan Mahathir as well as Forbes Inc. president and Forbes magazine editor-in-chief Steve Forbes who spoke about the forum; and conductor Leone Mageira, soprano Cynthia Lawrrence and flautist Andrea Griminelli who were there to brief the media about the Concert for Peace on the Saturday night.

Everyone including the media then adjourned for cocktail at the Spa Village; followed by dinner at Fishermen’s Cove. At dinner, Tan Sri Francis welcomed the delegates to the forum with a speech that set the tone of the forum that would begin the following day. (Click here for the full text of the speech.) Steve Day, also contributed to the evening with a heartfelt reading of a poem he had written.