South China Morning Post - Francis Yeoh: Privatise Asia's poorly-run public utilities

Francis Yeoh says it's time to open up Asia's poorly managed public utilities to private competition, to allow millions access to decent services that will improve their quality of life.
Singapore offers a good example of progressive thinking on this issue. It does no...

Financial Times: Why Asia needs a few doses of Thatcherite rigour

Everyone is talking about the incredible economic miracle taking place in Asia. It is true that the continent has made huge strides. But while millions more people move up into the middle classes, huge swaths of its population are being left behin...

YTL's Yeoh: Open up to foreign investments

"My recommendation of setting up a transparent, coherent regulatory framework (TCRF) for utilities and infrastructure similar to the UK is a way forward," he said. He said this will foster competition and investments from the world's best players in the utilities and infrastructure ...

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Cleaning Up China

Ma cut a deal to put China's records about pollution by Western firms and their suppliers online, then used that information to quietly pressure the companies. The results have been remarkable. A 2011 report on Apple, for instance, resulted in a major effort to clean up environmental violatio...

Rental relief

FROM today, low-income families who rent flats from the Government will not be hit by a rise in rent when their monthly income exceeds $800. Instead, their rents will stay unchanged for two years. They will get another two-year waiver should their...

Thailand cuts back on rice subsidy

Rice shipments from Thailand, the world's second-biggest exporter, are set to increase after the government reduced the price paid to farmers to rein in spending, according to the Thai Rice Exporters Association (Trea). 


Troubled skies over Sydney

By Earlier this year the former Australian prime minister, Bob Hawke, articulated what many Australians have been saying for years about Sydney Airport — it is a disgrace.

The outspoken Hawke didn’t mince his words when he told a local television reporter: “Sydney Airp...

In Jaguar, Emblem of a Broader Revival in Britain

It was a crucial day for Demos Hoursoglou. The manager of the aluminum body shop at Jaguar Land Rover’s manufacturing complex in this suburb of Birmingham, England, was about to give the go-ahead to plug a brand new model — the Range R...

The Oslo Business for Peace Awards 2010

This year the award committee has chosen Mr.Francis Yeoh as Primus Inter Pares to speak on behalf of the seven honourees.