Bumpy road for energy stocks

"Malaysia definitely needs solid catalysts  to sustain the positive sentiment in the equity market. We see a few domestic factors emerging as drivers for FBMKLCI but the ability to hold on to gains is highly susceptible to external news flows," said analysts.

Western countries issue rare Christmas security alerts for Beijing

At least four Western countries took the unusual step on Thursday of issuing Christmas security warnings for Westerners in a popular Beijing diplomatic and entertainment district as police stepped up patrols.

A Very Tolerant Christmas

Christmas is coming – and has been, it seems, since mid-autumn. And just in case there was any sign of flagging, we now have Black Friday, an export from the United States, when we are all encouraged to drink deep of the modern Christmas spirit and shop until we drop.

Singtel taps third-party developers for new apps

A Singtel strategy to pick up ideas from independent developers across the region has resulted in affiliates of the telco adopting new revenue-boosting apps and technologies.

Country stands to benefit, say experts

India, which has been criticised by rich countries for posing a significant hurdle to the climate pact, has welcomed the breakthrough in Paris, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling it a victory of "climate justice".

With rate hike, Yellen places her firm stamp on Fed policy

In deciding to raise a key interest rate that has remained near zero for seven years, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has taken a risky step into unknown territory.

Obama says he is praying for persecuted Christians at Christmas

President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that he and his wife Michelle are praying for persecuted Christians as the world prepares to celebrate Christmas.

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YTL Power signs USD2.7 Billion Power Deal in Indonesia

Speaking after a special meeting at the Presidential Palace with all parties who signed the power purchase agreements with PLN, Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh, Managing Director of YTL Power said, “YTL Power is very pleased to be able to assist i...

The Ritz-Carlton announces its new development in Koh Samui

The Ritz-Carlton as announced two sanctuaries of luxury in Asia in partnership with YTL Hotels, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Niseko Village, Japan and The Ritz-Carlton, Koh Samui, Thailand.

YTL joins global businesses, investors, cities and regions in signing pledge to meet or exceed the ambition set by the Paris Agreement on climate change

YTL joins over 400 businesses, 120 investors, 150 cities and regions in signing the L’Appel de Paris, or the Paris Pledge for Action. The L’Appel de Paris is a call to action in support of the Paris Agreement which brings together a multitude of voices on an unprecedented scale within a singl...

Shaping the world

THEY say charity begins at home. In Rebekah Yeoh's case, her family members have certainly instilled into her to always give back to society.

Coming from a tight-knit family who does everything together, Yeoh shares that they have different ways of giving back to the community and const...

Filton Airfield sold off to Malaysian developers, YTL, in multi-million deal

The former Filton Airfield site has been sold off to a Malaysian owned developer so the land can be turned into homes and offices. The airfield has been sold for an undisclosed sum to YTL Utilities (UK), the Malaysian company which owns Wessex Wat...

Destination Borneo: Hot off the press from Travel + Leisure as one of 2016 Best Places To Travel

Travel + Leisure has released their annual review of the best places to travel in 2016 with Borneo on their radar and a special shout-out to Gaya Island Resort. The resort is a gem situated within a protected marine park comprising of elegant hill...

Rebekah Yeoh and more on how their social enterprises help others

"Global Shapers was an outlet to let my inner creativity run wild when it came to community projects. There are infinite things you can do, and what better way to do it than with other shapers who contribute manpower, knowledge, experience, and su...

Cameron Highlands Resort voted one of the Eleven Best Hotel Piano Lounges In The World

Situated amidst tea plantations and rolling hills, the melodious tinkling of ivory keys played by resident pianist, Steven Oswald or fondly nicknamed as Uncle Steven, sets the tone every evening at Cameron Highlands Resort. Recently listed as One ...

Starhill's 'Journey' Stands the Test of Time

The ceremony featured the vocal prowess of British mezzo-soprano Carly Paoli and Italian tenor Alessandro Safina, who performed for a virtual “who’s who” of the country’s elite. Among them was Malaysian Minister of Tourism ...

Ruth Yeoh Named one of Asia’s 50 Power Businesswomen 2015 by Forbes

Named one of 50 Asia’s Power Businesswomen 2015 by Forbes, Ruth Yeoh is executive director of YTL Singapore, where she leads the company’s sustainability division. She is also the director at YTL-SV Carbon, YTL’s in-house carbon ...