Copenhagen to be the world’s first carbon-neutral capital

Copenhagen aims to be the world’s most climate-friendly city by using less energy, and only the green type. In Kuala Lumpur, we keep building highways to accommodate our ever-growing fleet of cars. In Copenhagen, they keep building bicycle l...

China's struggle for water security

Way back in 1999, before he became China's prime minister, Wen Jiabao warned that water scarcity posed one of the greatest threats to the "survival of the nation"

10 things about: Chaing YiLing, the hometown girl turned international soprano

A Penang girl who grew up on Armenian Street in the George Town Heritage Zone, Chaing YiLing never imagined that she would become an accomplished soprano when she first took singing lessons for fun.

A dream to criminalise war

A DECADE ago, an elder Malaysian statesman had a dream. Just like centuries ago when someone had a dream that slavery would be abolished, this Malaysian statesman had dreamt that one day, wars, too, would be abolished. So, he gathered several peop...

Drawing a line on role of CSR

WHEN we talk of corporate social responsibility, the first thing that comes to mind is the adoption of causes close to the business or local communities where a corporation is based.

Sharp, banks near US$1.7bil bailout deal

Japan’s Sharp Corp and its main banks are set to agree on to a US$1.7bil rescue and restructuring plan that will likely include a promise to split off its ailing smartphone display business, a person involved in the discussions said.

China's first lady 'enchants' world media: Beijing study

A Chinese academic study hailed the role of the country's first lady in public diplomacy, reports said Thursday, the latest sign of Beijing's hunger for soft power on the global stage.

Hong Kong Presents Plan for Elections, Offering Little to Democrats

Hong Kong entered a new bout of struggle over its political future on Wednesday, as the local government offered only minor changes to an election overhaul plan that set off months of pro-democracy demonstrations last year. Opposition lawmakers de...

China backs up silk road ambitions with $62bn capital injection

China will draw on its massive foreign exchange reserves to inject $62bn of capital into state-owned “policy banks” in support of its ambitious “New Silk Road” plans to build infrastructure links to foreign markets.

California water supplier plans 15% cut

The agency that provides much of southern California's water supply plans to cut deliveries in the region by 15 percent, as the state battles the fourth year of its worst drought on record.

One hundred years of Mexico and euro risk: James Saft

One hundred years is a long time to be a lender to Mexico, as those who remember the 1980s, a decade during which it was mostly in default, will tell you.

Greece on the Brink

“Don’t you think they want us to fail?” That’s the question I kept hearing during a brief but intense visit to Athens. My answer was that there is no “they” — that Greece does not, in fact, face a solid bl...

Debbie Goh to star in Hollywood sci-fi flick 'Lost in the Pacific'

A Malaysian actress will join Hollywood stars to take flight in a new sci-fi action adventure, filmed right here in Malaysia.

Penang proposes ‘Sky Cab’ linking island and mainland

The Penang government is in the final stages of exploration with Penang Sentral Sdn Bhd (PSSB) to build a 3.66km cable car service linking the mainland and island in the next three years. PSSB is a joint venture between Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd (MRCB) ( Financial Dashboard) and Pelaburan Hart...

TM cuts rate for some broadbrand services

AT last, entry level pricing for broadband, has been brought down.

Queries on waste segregation

The Government has been urged to introduce a more systematic approach to waste segregation before implementing it nationwide. Solid waste management expert Dr Theng Lee Chong said the people would have many questions about the plan and called for the Government to be prepared.

The cross belongs on a church

It saddens me to hear and watch the YouTube video of the sentiments and views of the protesters outside a church in Taman Medan last Sunday.

Japan robot receptionist welcomes shoppers

She can smile, she can sing and this robot receptionist who started work in Tokyo on Monday never gets bored of welcoming customers to her upmarket shop.

Recyclables must be set apart from organic items from September

It will be mandatory for all types of household wastes to be separated in an effort to promote a healthier and cleaner environment in six states and the Federal Territory from September. Solid Waste Corporation (SWCorp) Johor Baru director Asri Amat said the Household Solid Waste Segregation Prog...

To have and to hold

Families have always been at the heart of business. Family companies are among the world’s oldest. The Hoshi Ryokan, an inn in Japan, has been in the same family since 718. Kongo Gumi, a Japanese family construction firm, was founded even ea...

Electricity and gas deregulation

The Abe administration has readied two bills for finalizing the liberalization of the nation’s electricity and city gas industries. Yet both pieces of legislation include a provision that leaves room to put off the last phase of deregulation...

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GENeco builds UK's first enriched biomethane supply for national grid

GENeco was created by Wessex Water in 2008 to help it become carbon neutral and eliminate landfill waste by 2020. It treats huge volumes of varied waste and turns it all into commercial products, diverting 100% of waste from landfill and providing...

Long-term game-changers

Sustainability is at the heart of what businesses should strive to do or the world will simply cease to exist, said Tan Sri Dr Francis Yeoh, managing director, YTL Group of Companies who was keynote speaker at the Credit Suisse Global Megatrends C...

YTL SGREIT’s 5Q FY14/15 DPU Up 1.6% Year-on-Year to 1.26 cents on sustained strength of its Singapore portfolio

Mr Ho Sing, CEO of YTL Starhill Global, said, "SGREIT’s portfolio continued to perform, with the Singapore portfolio continuing to be the key driver, turning in a 3.6% increase in NPI over the previous corresponding period despite headwinds faced by the industry. We have also received commitmen...

YTL Corporation - A longer-term growth story

During the Invest Malaysia conference, YTL Corp shared with investors its longer-term strategy for growth. Although there were no major surprises, we concluded that domestic ventures driven by the private sector are the likely anchors for the company's outlook over the next 1-2 years. The discuss...

YTL's Starhill Global Reit to buy Myer Centre Adelaide for A$288m

YTL's Starhill Global Reit announced on Monday it is looking to buy a freehold property at 14-38 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia (Myer Centre Adelaide) for A$288 million (S$302.4 million) in cash.

Myer Centre Adelaide, located in the city's retail CBD core, comprises a retail cen...

YTL's Food court with authentic hawker food draws in crowd

Malacca’s Lot 10 Hutong by YTL is the third branch opened after Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur and Guangzhou in China.

The franchise was the brainchild of YTL Corp Bhd group managing director Tan Sri Francis Yeoh who personally persuaded the owners of each of these heritage stalls to ope...

Carly Paoli – the British Airways voice on what to see in Kuala Lumpur

Carly Paoli gives British Airways an insider's guide to Kuala Lumpur where she shares her tips on the buzzing Malaysian capital in British Airways Highlife magazine. She talks about her favourite spots in the city like YTL's Lot 10 Hutong, Shook! and luxury Duty Free shopping at Starhill Gallery!...