Some of our worst presidents had the best political résumés

Hillary Clinton is presenting her extensive government experience as a major rationale for her presidential candidacy. In last Monday’s debate, she countered Donald Trump’s questioning of her stamina with the riposte: “Well, as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates ...

Sam Allardyce is to blame for his own downfall

Sam Allardyce lost the England job following an undercover sting. The methods were questionable but he could have avoided controversy. The 61-year-old didn't necessarily deserve to lose his job however.

How tragic that Corbyn has learnt nothing from my government's mistakes over immigration

When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?' asked the eminent economist John Maynard Keynes.

Germany's banks are a timebomb. And if they crash, it'll be 2008 all over again

The crash in the value of the shares and bonds of Germany’s largest lender, Deutsche Bank, is the biggest threat to economic stability and the future of Europe’s monetary union since the financial crisis of eight years ago.

Fracking for Britain

Shale gas is good for the economy. Government should help promote its extraction.

How Scary is Disruptive Technology?

The steady stream of improvements in driverless cars has convinced me that before too long the roads will be filled with cars and trucks operating without humans at the wheel. Likewise, I am convinced that the revolution in artificial intelligence will allow computers and robots to do many of the...

What if we have better things to do than work?

An extraordinary American study shows that young men are consciously choosing computer games over employment.

Theresa May hints at Government plans to embark on large scale housebuilding programme

PM vowed to 'get to grips' with unfairness felt in housing market ahead Tory Party conference this weekend.

The lady in red

Kate stuns in dazzling £1,000 Preen dress at historic ceremony of reconciliation with Canadian First Nations

Do these pictures REALLY sum up what it means to be a lady? H&M bosses think so

The advert begins with a plus-size model walking around in her underwear. It also features an muscular Thai boxer and hairy-armpitted woman. Another woman unashamedly picks her teeth with a fork in a restaurant. The advert features what H&M calls a group of ‘strong’ women . It cla...

Runners but no riders line up for the Turner prize show

The leaves on the line stopping Josephine Pryde’s choo-choo are not the only bum note among Tate Britain’s contenders

China presses ahead with power pricing reform

The pace of reform in China’s electricity market is gathering speed after stalling for a decade, with a barrage of policy documents released in recent months that point to rising competition and further pressure on prices amid oversupply.

Chinese television screens dominated by copycat reality shows featuring local celebrities

Flick through the channels on any TV screen in China and you can’t help but notice the dominance of reality shows featuring celebrities from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Miss Japan won by half Indian Priyanka Yoshikawa

A half-Indian woman has been crowned Miss World Japan, the second year in a row a biracial person has won a beauty pageant in the country.

Going cuckoo over an eagle

Now that religious experts are going to discuss whether statues of humans or other living creatures should be forbidden, let them also look at national emblems, portraits of leaders and such.

TNB inks deal with SIPP Energy, a private vehicle owned by the Johor Sultan

After two years of uncertainty and negotiations, SIPP Energy Sdn Bhd has finally received the go-ahead from the Government to build a 1,440MW power plant in Pasir Gudang, Johor.

Keith Vaz quits as Home Affairs committee chairman in wake of rent boys scandal

Keith Vaz quits as home affairs committee chairman as the Labour MP becomes embroiled in a rent boy scandal. 'Those who hold others to account must themselves be accountable', Vaz writes in resignation statement.

Sex shame politician Keith Vaz told quit now

The disgraced politician, who paid male escorts for sex at his London flat, has been told he must quit. One MP said this was just 'the tip of the iceberg'

Listening to 92 pitches taught me the frustrating truth about Silicon Valley ‘innovation’

Silicon Valley is a place that prides itself on innovation.Yet, somehow in the Valley’s pursuit of shiny new tech, it has decided that being “innovative” is the same thing as being “totally original.”

Tourist Influx Brings No Joy to Singapore Hotels Amid Room Glut

Singapore's hotel industry room revenue at six-year low as visitors take shorter breaks, with no relief in sight with 1,000 more rooms to open this year.

Sunny side up? Or omelette? Just tell the robot

Startup Kurve Automation's "egg breakfast buffet" robot may make its debut soon.

Hyflux dips toes into wellness, beauty market

It invests S$8m in European firm Kaqun Europe to sell Elo Water, which has 3 times more oxygen than tap water.

PM calls for sustained momentum to liberalise trade

Governments should help companies and workers take advantage of new technologies and seize opportunities.

Rita Ora gives powerful performance as Mother Teresa is made a Saint

The surprise choice for the honour sang 'What Child Is This?' and promised to cherish the moment forever

US defence: Losing its edge in technology?

The Pentagon is on a charm offensive in Silicon Valley but many see no need to embrace government.

Hanjin scrambles to prevent ship seizures as more vessels blocked

South Korea's Hanjin Shipping plans to take legal action in jurisdictions worldwide to prevent its vessels being seized, as more of its ships were blocked from docking at ports in the wake of its collapse.

Philippines to suspend more mines as environmental review ends

The Philippines will suspend more of the country's mines for violating environmental regulations after already halting operations at 10 sites, the mining minister said on Monday, as the government wrapped up a seven-week review.

Sony makes move on mobile gaming

Chief executive Kaz Hirai says rival Nintendo’s Pokémon Go success is a game-changer.

Magic in the mist

In late June, the mist-covered Huangshan Mountain does not generally give visitors a clear view of the pines and rocks in the valley below. The mountain in the rainy season is like a shy girl unwilling to show her face to visitors.

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Foundation promotes usage of modern teaching tools via FROG classroom

PUPILS of SJKC Kong Ming Cawangan Satu in Air Itam, Penang, could not contain their excitement as they started using the new Facilitate Rapid Online Global (FROG) classroom, a modern-day learning space, which offers students state-of-the-art facilities and interactive learning. The project, which...

YTL Hotels buys three properties in Britain

Malaysia's YTL Hotels has bought three properties in Britain for an undisclosed sum.

A Journey Through Time Returns for the 10th Year!

“Malaysia is a leading shopping destination in the region. A Journey Through Time has for the last nine years reinforced Kuala Lumpur as a must-visit destination for the most discerning of travellers from Malaysia and around the world. We are pleased to see the strong commitment by YTL and ...

Taylor’s University and YTL Land Breathe New Life Into Sentul Through Art

SentulWorks is an art exhibition, jointly presented by YTL Land and Taylor's University, showcasing artworks by thirteen young artists interpreting the historic railway workshops Sentul Works.

Penang gets its first 'Frog Classroom'

The SJK(C) Kong Min Cawangan Satu in Air Itam on Penang island has become the first school to have a "Frog Classroom" which is a makeover room equipped with an interactive learning atmosphere.

Affordable 4G services

IT is undeniable that the Internet has become prevalent in today’s community. Everyday tasks such as communicating with friends, family or co-workers, sharing updates on the social media, and entertainment are increasingly done using the Internet.

Taking high-speed rail service to greater heights

The changing landscape in the transportation industry in recent times has certainly impacted Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERL), which operates KLIA Ekspres, the dedicated high-speed rail service connecting Kuala Lumpur city centre to its international airports.

Penang students sweep top two prizes

“I was hoping to win something today, but I definitely did not expect to win the first prize. I just want to participate in the walk with my friends and have a good time,” he said after receiving the top prize from YTL Communications Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Wing K. Lee.

ASEAN Belt and Road Connector

Southeast Asian conglomerates are tapping Hong Kong’s role as a connector for Belt and Road-related projects.

The main catalyst for unlocking investments in infrastructure and other major projects will be a “transparent, cohere...

It's No Pushover

The Yes Altitude smartphone is an impressive smartphone that belies its price, writes Hanna Sheikh Mokhtar.

Glitz and Glamour At The Opening Night Of A Journey Through Time X

The milestone 10th anniversary celebration of Asia’s premier watch and jewellery showcase, A Journey Through Time, officially opened the doors to its tenth year with an exhilarating evening filled with opulence and glitz.

Explore Exotic Indonesia Street Festival in Bukit Bintang

The Indonesian Government has launched a tourism promotional campaign in Kuala Lumpur aimed at promoting Indonesia and increasing international visitors to their shores. Titled Explore Exotic Indonesia Street Festival, the four day festival running from 1-4 September is being held in heart of Buk...