Costa and the great recycled coffee cup con: High street giant declares it's greener than the other chains but waste firms rubbish the claims

Britain's biggest coffee chain has been accused of misleading customers with ‘cynical greenwash’ claims about the recycling of its cups. Costa has been telling the world that its cups can be recycled alongside ordinary paper waste, however one of its business partners has vehement...

Antarctica alone may lift seas a meter by 2100

Melting ice from Antarctica could raise oceans by a metre before 2100 at current rates of greenhouse gas emissions, doubling previous forecasts for sea level rise, according to a study released Wednesday.

Opting against shark fin soup

Being more aware that sharks are in danger of being over-fished, the younger generation is opting not to have shark fin soup served at weddings.

Sabah repeats call to end shark hunting

Sabah has repeated its call to the Federal Government to end shark hunting there, as a tourism group here called for a boycott on shark fin.

The Rise and Fall of Tim Leissner, Goldman's Big Man in Malaysia

Behind the fallout from the Malaysia fund scandal. The bank's $6.5 billion deals with 1MDB made money and trouble. A friend of the rich and powerful loses his Wall Street perch.

China faces struggle to recast steel workers for service sector

With millions poised to lose their jobs as China shuts down scores of underperforming mines and mills, Beijing has pledged to soften the blow, devoting a Rmb100bn ($15.4bn) fund to help “resettle” workers in the thriving service sector.

Stop trying to be like Arabs, Ruler advises Malays

The Sultan of Johor has called on Malays not to discard their unique culture, saying he was disturbed by those who want to stop Muslims from the salam practice despite it being a traditional way of greeting each other.

China banking regulator tells lenders to rein in risks- sources

China's banking regulator has urged lenders not to pay out extraordinary dividends and to limit their local government debt exposure, two people with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Monday.

Credit Suisse CEO, Blindsided by Risk Buildup, Cuts Jobs

Thiam says trading actions were `completely unacceptable'. Bank announced additional 2,000 job cuts at securities unit.

China offers $11.5 billions in loans, credit to Southeast Asia

China will offer $11.5 billion (£8.1 billion) in loans and credit lines to five Southeast Asian countries for infrastructure and other projects, Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday.

Hong Kong competition watchdog prepares to bite

Although Hong Kong has long promoted itself as the world’s most free economy, many of its 7m residents beg to differ.

AXA's chief exec resigns, fuelling HSBC speculation

AXA chief executive Henri de Castries will step down in September after nearly 17 years at the top of Europe's second-largest insurer, fuelling talk that his next role could be as HSBC chairman.

China’s Dalian Wanda Steps In to Partner With FIFA

Amid soccer federation’s damaged image, entertainment and property giant will become first major Chinese partner

China firms face $802b problem with unpaid bills

Bankruptcies could rise 20% as companies stagger under weight of record debts.

Wake up — Britain is heading for Brexit

The campaign for the UK to leave the EU has momentum and simple slogans

Why Your Home Wi-Fi Is Lousy

Startups, and Google, race to solve the ‘home-spectrum crunch’

Singapore’s GrabTaxi Rides With Lippo Group in Indonesian Tie-Up

The deal comes a day before thousands of traditional cabdrivers are expected to protest against the likes of GrabTaxi and Uber in Jakarta

Bolivia’s water people are left high and dry

Mining-led development comes at a cost for nation’s fishing communities

If Wills and Kate want to live like royalty they have to act like it too

Lorraine Kelly expresses her fears that the royal ‘golden couple’ are out of touch

Wafic Saïd considers legal action against Barclays after it cut ties

Wafic Saïd, the Syrian-born businessman and philanthropist, is considering legal action against Barclays after his former bank cut ties with him amid an anti-money laundering clampdown by regulators.

France agrees bailout for EDF to proceed with Hinkley Point C

Money will be made available to help build nuclear plant, says economics minister, as union repeats call for project to be shelved

Better latte than never: Chancellor closes tax-dodge loopholes used by big firms to avoid paying their share

GEORGE Osborne declared war on multinationals such as Starbucks yesterday in a £12billion Budget Day tax avoidance clampdown.

The Queen of mischief: A wicked talent for impressions, why she calls herself Miss Piggy and how Her Majesty loves it when a titled lady starts swearing

The Queen calls herself 'Miss Piggy' in 30-year-long family joke. She studies her red boxes as seriously today as she did 64 years ago. Staff will bake her chocolate birthday cake first made for Queen Victoria. She laughs when her old friends swear and things go wrong at Church.

China reveals blueprint to expand urbanisation

China’s leaders have revealed a plan for a multiyear round of state-led infrastructure construction that they hope will prop up the economy amid flagging growth, as they move 100m more people from the rural hinterland into the country’s growing cities.

£167billion Facebook pays just £12 tax for each of its UK workers

Facebook paid just £12 corporation tax per UK worker while other major firms shelled out up to 5,000 times more, a Sun on Sunday investigation reveals.

Water delays are fuelling the housing crisis, claims report

Water companies and other utility providers are fuelling the housing crisis by being slow to hook sites up to the network, a study has found.

Protectionism a big threat to global economy, says Larry Fink

BlackRock chief hits out at Trump’s campaign rhetoric and warns of risks of negative rates

Evangelicals heed the gospel of Donald Trump

In 2011 Oran Smith, head of South Carolina’s conservative Palmetto Family Council, got an unexpected phone call. It was Donald Trump — and he wanted to talk about his faith. Upset by comments from Mr Smith that he would not be able to win over South Carolina voters and only cared abou...

Gold back in vogue with investors amid uncertain economic outlook

Higher demand for the precious metal is also boosting gold miners’ share prices

UK’s Network Rail looks to offload big city stations to cut debt

Eighteen of Britain’s landmark railway stations, including London Waterloo, Paddington and Birmingham New Street, could be sold off, the chief executive of Network Rail said, as he tries to cut debt and break up a “Kremlin-type model”.

New breast cancer treatment wipes out tumours in just 11 days, 'staggering' trial reveals

Doctors combined two existing cancer drugs - Tyverb and Herceptin. ancer cells stopped producing in 87 per cent of the women during trial. Tumours were found to 'completely vanish' in 11 per cent of patients. Charities called it 'game-changing' for aggressive breast cancer treatme...

Lunch with the FT: Thaksin Shinawatra

To his enemies, the fugitive former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is a megalomaniac villain straight out of James Bond, who manipulates events at home from his various bases around the world.

Sunday trading changes defeated as Tory rebels reject David Cameron's last-minute pleas

Scottish MPs have blocked plans to let English shops open longer on Sundays despite a majority of politicians south of the border voting for the change.

Book review: ‘Broken Vows — Tony Blair, The Tragedy of Power’

Tom Bower shows little mercy in his critical biography of the former British PM, says George Parker

Middle East upheavals driven more by politics than religion

Those who claim Muslims are unusually inclined to violence often cite the late Samuel Huntington’s claim that Muslim societies are more “bloody” than others because they experience more intrastate violence.

It’s nuclear meltdown: French dithering hits UK energy plans and we’re in limbo over pricey £18bn plant

EDF has debts of £28bn as finance boss quits over Hinkley Point C fiasco

Failed romances and party lifestyle of sex thimble Tom Hollander

THE diminutive star of Sunday night telly has reined in his partying ways to make the big time.

Global fears as markets lose faith in central banks

The global economy is heading for a storm as faith in policymakers dwindles, according to a stark warning from one of the world’s most respected financial institutions.

Hand of God creates unholy science row

Ming-Jin Liu and his colleagues seemed to have hit upon the boldest thesis published in a leading scientific journal for decades. In the second paragraph of an otherwise unremarkable paper on the way that tendons in our hands move as we carry out everyday tasks, the scientists went for broke.


Facebook to award staff £280m in bonuses by the end of 2018 to cut tax bill

Facebook is handing out share bonuses of £280m to its staff by 2018 to offset the amount of tax it has to pay on profits.

The formidable First Lady who ran the White House with love, a Gucci-clad fist... and an astrologer

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan ran the White House with ‘Gucci-clad fist’. President Barack Obama said Nancy ‘had redefined the role’ of First Lady. She died at the age of 94 of congestive heart failure at Los Angeles home. Her final years gave her time to reconnect with h...

Boris Johnson: Leaving EU would be like 'prisoner escaping jail'

London Mayor makes his first broadcast interview since defying David Cameron and backing Out campaign last month

Green faces £80m BHS pensions bill

Topshop billionaire ordered by regulator to pay up — as department store chain he sold for £1 fights to avoid going bust

Close to the rocks

A year ago Topshop boss Sir Philip Green sold the ailing BHS chain for £1. Now the deal to get rid of it has come back to haunt him

Karren Brady: ‘Period days’ put us women back in the dark ages

Sun on Sunday columnist says taking time off work to deal with the misery of menstruation will jeopardise female equality in the workplace

Rod's stingy? Not when Penny's in town: Rocker and his wife stop to feed starving migrants in the street in Paris

Singer Rod Stewart shows generous side by feeding beggars in Paris. Rock star, 71, and wife Penny Lancaster gave mother and son groceries. Couple were returning from world's largest flea market in French capital.

A £2million ring, a lucky blue dress, a 25-year age gap... and a very upset Mick Jagger!

Shortly after 11am today, former supermodel Jerry Hall, 59, will say ‘I do’ to 84-year-old media mogul Rupert Murdoch in front of politicians, media bigwigs and stars, setting the seal on a very unlikely romance. 

This Billionaire Governor Showed That Taxing the Rich and Raising the Minimum Wage Actually Works

Most Americans are not happy with the current federal tax system because they believe the wealthy are not paying their fair share.

Nokia Failed Because They Did the One Thing That Drives Most Companies into the Ground

In September 2013, NOKIA announced that they had been acquired by Microsoft in a deal valued at $7.17 billion. At the time, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop ended his speech with the following words. “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.”

FBI director: Victory in the fight with Apple could set a precedent, lead to more requests

Lawmakers on Tuesday pressed FBI Director James B. Comey about the bureau’s demands that Apple help it unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers.

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Stewing smiles

Tanjong Jara Resort’s menu master has the main ingredients for happiness, writes Kerry-Ann Augustin

From backwater to boomtown

THE Iron River may sound like a place straight out of a movie, but it is actually a direct translation of the Malay name of a place located in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur: Sungai Besi. It was once a historical tin mining town that has since enjoyed rapid progress and is now a vibrant ar...

Inspiring Future Generations at SJKC Jalan Davidson

YTL e-Solutions and YTL Sustainability recently joined forces to complete a Frog Classroom Makeover at SJKC Jalan Davidson

Free Flow

Designed by RT+Q Architects, The Capers is a mixed-use residential development inspired by the lalang grass and weeds that grow wild in the area.

The Gainsborough Bath Spa is Awarded 'Bathing Beauty' Winner at the Tatler Spa Awards 2016

YTL Hotels is proud to announce that The Gainsborough Bath Spa was winner of the ‘Bathing Beauty’ award at Monday night’s Tatler Spa Awards 2016, that are held in conjunction with the launch of the prestigious annual Tatler Spa Guide, in which the accolades are compiled from fir...

Bakti and YTL bring CNY joy to welfare folk

Residents of 14 welfare homes and organisations received RM70,000 in donations from Bakti in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebrations. They were also treated to a yee sang session and high tea, organised by Bakti and YTL Corp Bhd, at JW Marriott Hotel here on Monday.

Holiday Savings With KLIA Ekspres - Group Saver & Family Package Offers for the March School Holidays

Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERL) is reintroducing its Group Saver and Family Package for travel on KLIA Ekspres during the week-long school holidays this month.

Niseko Village Announces New Ground-Breaking Lifts And Terrain

YTL Hotels’ commitment to continually enhance the infrastructure, accessibility and overall experience at Niseko Village in Hokkaido, Japan has resulted in the investment of two new all-season lifts that will be constructed in summer this year and operational by December 2016, at the start ...