HSBC to Buy Back Up to $2 Billion in Shares

HSBC said on Monday it would buy back as much as an additional $2 billion in shares as it reported better-than-expected earnings in the second quarter.

Six Hours of Chaos: A Wild Day Inside India's Overrun Courtrooms

With 30 million pending cases, the country’s dysfunctional legal system is hobbling its emergence as a global economic power.

The Good News on Brexit They're Not Telling You

Officially, the United States trade representative, Robert Lighthizer, and the British trade secretary, Liam Fox, met for broad discussions about what might happen when Brexit takes effect in 2019.

Who Ate Republicans' Brains?

When the tweeter-in-chief castigated Senate Republicans as “total quitters” for failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act, he couldn’t have been more wrong.

Please stop telling us that women's sport is as good as men's - it isn't!

Dominic Lawson puts his pads and helmet on to air a VERY provocative view.

Car rental firms don't do repairs you pay for

Companies admit to not fixing scratches and dents that tourists are charged hundreds of pounds for.

MUFG eyes Amsterdam as post-Brexit EU base

Plan by Japan’s biggest bank highlights fierce competition between European capitals.

Apple removes VPN apps used to evade China's internet censorship

Apple has removed software allowing internet users to skirt China's "Great Firewall" from its App Store in the country, the company has confirmed, sparking criticism that it was bowing to Beijing's tightening web censorship.

Republicans Worry That White House Disarray Is Undermining Trump

President Trump and Republicans in Washington have shaken the confidence of their supporters after a punishing and self-inflicted series of setbacks that have angered activists, left allies slack-jawed and reopened old fissures on the right.

Leasehold tycoon: man whose firms control 40,000 UK homes

He does not appear on any rich list but he has built a property empire that rivals that of the Duke of Westminster.

London's 'Walkie Talkie,' a Divisive Skyscraper, Sells for $1.7 Billion

Officially, it is 20 Fenchurch Street. To Londoners, it is the “Walkie Talkie,” so named for its unique shape, with the building bulging out as it rises into the British capital’s skyline.

The Mind-Boggling Ascent of Amazon and Jeff Bezos

Amazon and its founder, Jeff Bezos, are having a moment.

Resignations in Japan Set Back Hopes for Women in Political Power

Just last fall, it seemed that Japan was starting to shake off its legacy as a country with a poor record of putting women in political power. In the space of less than two months, three women had assumed high-ranking posts, poking a few more holes in the glass ceiling.

Save me from this alphabet soup - PDQ!

Craig Brown on his visit to the Acronym Academy.

Panic Selling Hits Airlines And Food Delivery Firms Caught By 'Rip-off' Card Fees Ban

Airlines and food delivery firms took a beating after being singled out by the Government as the worst offenders for imposing 'rip-off' card charges on customers.

Chris Grayling forced into late-night defence of HS2

Minister appears in Commons to face MPs angry over handling of £56bn rail project.

Chris Grayling defends Carillion appointment for HS2 work

Transport secretary Chris Grayling has defended the Government's decision to appoint troubled contractor Carillion to deliver part of the new HS2 rail line, insisting ministers had received “secure undertakings” from the company.

Luxury Goods Are Selling Again - On Chinese Smartphones

Owners of brands such as Gucci, Burberry and Longchamp see an opportunity.

Singapore gets its first sustainability academy

The new building, built to the highest energy efficiency and green building standards, will serve as the prosperous city-state’s sustainability learning and collaboration hub.

When programmed TV is obsolete, Viu wants to be there for you

The rise of the Internet, along with the proliferation of scarily intelligent mobile devices — particularly smartphones — have paved the way for video on demand (VOD) services that allow users to watch content anytime and anywhere on various gadgets.

BNM calls for central authority to lead affordable housing initiatives

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has called for a central authority to lead, oversee and coordinate affordable housing initiatives for the country, to promote greater strategic and operational cohesion at the national level.

Pangkor set to shine with resort projects

“As Pangkor is short of quality accommodation, our projects will fill the gap. Future developments can be high-end hotels, service apartments that come with F&B outlets, spas and recreational facilities.”

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Wessex Water ‘leading the way’ in environmental performance in England

Bath-based Wessex Water is leading the way when it comes to environmental performance in England, according to a new Environment Agency report.

YTL's Starhill Global REIT ranks 5th in Governance Index for Trusts 2017

YTL's Starhill Global Reit took 5th position in the inaugural GIFT scoring a total of 72.5 points in the table of 43 Reits and BTs assessed in this year's index. This ranking is important as Corporate Governance is one of the key sustainability pillars of the YTL Group, alongside Marketpl...

This Malaysian social enterprise sells second-hand clothes for a good cause

Recyclothes, an online fashion boutique based in Malaysia, is taking the act of doing good a step further. It sells second hand women’s clothes and uses the money raised to give back to society. According to co-founder Rebekah Yeoh, most people give their clothes away blindly, or rather, &l...

How Wessex Water's Trenchless Technology Team is training young engineers

The formation of Wessex Water’s Trenchless Technology Team allows young engineers to access expert mentors while working on real-world problems and forging original solutions for the management of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) linings and other trenchless interventions.

The Gainsborough restaurant relaunches as ‘Dan Moon at the Gainsborough restaurant'

Andrew Jordan, vice-president of YTL Hotels, added: "With the restaurant having launched from a standing start two years ago, our main challenge was to get the word out. What has definitely made a difference for us has been having the reputation, the skill and the enthusiasm of award-winning...